Thank you for your interest in Hilger Higher Learning! We’ve been offering homeschool classes in Chattanooga since 1998, and we love serving the Chattanooga homeschool community! 

We provide classes for homeschooling students designed to enhance their homeschooling experience. We offer elementary, middle and high school homeschool classes in core disciplines as well as the arts and electives. All of our classes meet once or twice a week and then your student will have work they will complete throughout the week. Our homeschool classes are college preparatory and are taught by qualified teachers from a Biblical worldview. Our teachers understand the freedom and flexibility homeschooling offers, so we are careful to maintain you, the parent(s), as the final authority. Our goal is to support what you are doing in your home while our faculty still take full responsibility for outlining and teaching our classes. The community, support and relationships of homeschooling students and parents at Hilger Higher Learning in Chattanooga is sincerely one of our greatest joys! The combination of excellent teachers, college preparatory curriculum, wonderful students, and a variety of activities inside and outside of the classroom has created a dynamic environment that provides students with amazing opportunities for growth academically, spiritually, and socially.

We would be honored to serve your family! If you are homeschooling or are considering homeschooling in or near Chattanooga, we invite you to consider Hilger Higher Learning. Likewise, if you are interested in our Online Real Time (ORT) option, we would be delighted to talk with you. Let us know what is on your mind or what questions you have and we would be happy to talk with you!

Please get in touch with us! Explore our website to learn more about our classes for homeschoolers in Chattanooga, our Online Real Time (ORT) classes, our dedicated faculty, resources, student activities and events, partnership with parents and other helpful topics.

Hilger Higher Learning: Providing excellent classes for homeschooling families in Chattanooga since 1998.

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