Thank you for your interest in Hilger Higher Learning. We provide supplemental education, along with many social activities, for homeschool students in the greater Chattanooga area, through a variety of classes based on a Biblical worldview. Our classes are designed to enhance and help the home education process, while you and your child still have the freedom and flexibility home education provides; we are merely a support to what you are doing in the home. The combination of excellent teachers, first-rate curriculum, wonderful students and a variety of activities (inside and outside of the classroom) has created a dynamic environment that helps students, not only academically and spiritually, but balances them socially as well. We’ve been offering homeschool courses in Chattanooga for 17 years now, and we love serving the Chattanooga homeschool community! If you are homeschooling in Chattanooga or near the Chattanooga area, we invite you to come be a part of the Hilger Higher Learning environment:

1. Excellent curriculum with a Biblical focus
2. College preparatory assessment from qualified teachers
3. Additional healthy accountability to a source outside of the home
4. Stimulating social interaction with high caliber peers


Hilger Higher Learning is led by an administration and qualified teachers committed to supporting your child’s education through a variety of homeschool classes in Chattanooga. Over 1/2 of Hilger Higher Learning's faculty and staff have over 10 years of teaching and administration experience at HHL! In addition, our faculty and staff have well over 200 years combined teaching and administration experience, both in private/public school sector and HHL. It is our goal to reinforce the Biblical values being taught at home while providing a quality education. Although the parent is not the teacher of the courses we offer, the parent maintains authority over their child's learning and is responsible for holding their child accountable for completed assignments and preparing for tests/quizzes/labs. Our teachers simply serve as a support cast for the parents who have chosen to educate their child through the home.


We believe in the primacy of the parent as educator and the home as the center of education and relationship. We also believe the Lord provides spiritually gifted teachers as a resource to His people. Hilger collaborates with parents to create an educational hybrid which strengthens the homeschool.  Our classes and extra-curricular activities supplement and complement the work of parents in educating their children.  We come alongside families in the Chattanooga area, to serve and support them in the wonderful endeavor of homeschooling.

Seventeen years ago Carlee Hilger dreamed of teaching science to a group of children who had a desire to study, for the sake of learning. She found this group of children in the homeschool community within the greater Chattanooga area. In 1998, Hilger Higher Learning began with 45 students, 4 science classes, and one excited teacher. As more and more homeschool families asked for Chattanooga homeschool classes, Hilger quickly grew while maintaining Biblical integrity and academic excellence. Today Hilger serves nearly 300 families through 24 amazing teachers and staff members while offering 50+ exciting courses and workshops for elementary, middle and high school students. We also offer a host of extra-curricular activities! Carlee’s dream is still alive and real: teaching motivated students from Christian families, who possess an enthusiasm for learning.

We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about our classes, dedicated faculty, resources, student activities, partnering with parents and other helpful areas. If you are interested in homeschool classes in Chattanooga and have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or via email.  Our phone number and email are located at the bottom of each website page and our teachers' email addresses can be accessed on our faculty and contact us pages.

Special Interest


Every year we have the opportunity to serve in a cleaning day at First Alliance Church. In an effort to show our appreciation to the church, we will be having our HHL workday on Friday, October 30th, from 10:00 - 12:00 noon. All students, siblings and parents are encouraged to come and help. Even if you can only come for an hour or want to drop off your child, it would be greatly appreciated. We will serve yummy coffee and donuts for refreshments.

We still have a few openings in certain classes that students can jump into mid-semester. If you wish to register, please call us to find out if we still have an available spot. NOTE: If you are not a current HHL family, an additional $10 late registration fee per class will now be assessed. If we have space in a class of your choice, you may print off a registration form from our website and mail your completed registration form(s), including registration fees, to our home office: 1121 Mountain Terrace, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750, or bring your registration to our HHL class facility at First Alliance Church, Monday - Thursday.

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Listen to 3 HHL seniors, interviewed live on a local radio show, as they discuss homeschooling and how important their HHL experience has been to their education.

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