We believe in the primacy of the parent as educator and the home as the center of education and relationship. We also believe the Lord provides spiritually gifted teachers as a resource to His people. Hilger collaborates with parents to create an educational hybrid which strengthens the homeschool. Our classes and extra-curricular activities supplement and complement the work of parents in educating their children. We come alongside families in the Chattanooga area, to serve and support them in the wonderful endeavor of homeschooling.

Although you are not the teacher of the courses we offer, you maintain authority over your child’s learning and are responsible for holding your child accountable for completed assignments. As teachers, we simply serve as a support cast for you who choose to educate your child through the home.

We encourage parents to come to class and help out, call the teacher at home, or converse via email. Our teachers are here to help you, so any communication initiated by you is warmly welcome. There will be a Parent/Teacher Meeting in August, at the beginning of the school year, where teachers will be introduced. A phone, address and email list (in the form of the Hilger Higher Learning Directory) is provided electronically so that you will have all contact information for your child’s teacher and for other students in your child’s class.  Teacher’s email addresses are also listed on our faculty and staff page.

Since we are a distinctly Christian tutorial program, we require that at least one parent or guardian has a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and be in regular attendance at a local Bible-believing church.

At the end of each semester, we will provide a report card containing your child’s semester average in the form of a percentage grade. This percentage grade is based on our teacher’s evaluation of your child’s performance and progress in the class. It is ultimately up to you to report this percentage grade to your umbrella school. An evaluation/comment section of your child’s progress, from the teacher, will also be included in each semester’s report card. If your child is struggling (below a 70%) in any course, you will receive a progress report on your child around the 8th week into each semester.

It is your responsibility to report your child’s attendance, semester grades, and curriculum to your umbrella organization (if you live in TN) or superintendent/recording person (if you live in GA or AL).