“I just want to say thank you for all you’ve taught me and done for me all these years. When I came to Hilger, I felt like the geeky, shy kid who didn’t have a place. HHL has been a refuge and launching pad for me in many ways. I have not only been instructed by the best teachers, but I’ve been nurtured, affirmed and allowed to grow as the man God created me to be. My years here have truly made my home school experience golden! Thank you again for the Covenant College scholarship. It was another confirmation that I am going to the right college. I couldn’t have asked for a better science teacher or a a good friend! You are really making a difference and I will always be grateful to you for the difference you’ve made in me.”

“Thank you so much for following God’s lead and starting HHL. It has blessed me along with so many others immensely. Each and every teacher at Hilger is amazing and impacted my life so much. I think that every teacher would get the teacher of the year award at any public or private school! I can’t say enough good things about your family and the program. I am so blessed to have gotten to experience high school through Hilger! Thank you for all your hard work. Coming to Hilger was one of the best, most significantly impactful decisions I’ve made and I’m so happy I came here!”

“I KNOW that each of you who have dealt with my daughter truly care for her and her future, academically and spiritually. I praise God for having directed us to you, and I thank you all for the caliber of service and care you assure our homeschoolers; not to mention bringing honor to Him in doing so. It is a bright and positive memory in our journey.”

“Your program has helped me to balance the needs of all my children within the 24-hour day God has given us.”

“In Biology class, I acquired inestimable knowledge in the field that I was truly passionate about. This class stimulated my interest and inspired me to develop a greater passion for becoming a doctor. It was not only a course I needed, but a big step toward my dream that has had a lasting effect on me to this day to pursue a neuroscience major. I believe that this was possible because I had such a wonderful teacher who is very creative and caring. She brown down barriers and made the class very interesting with different activities. I have no doubt that this was the class where I grew the most in high school.”

“I can’t begin to describe what Hilger Higher Learning has meant to our family. My children have not only developed mentally, but socially and emotionally, too! Your teachers’ attention to course study and their personal interaction has been phenomenal – I’m another parent who can’t imagine what it would be like without Hilger Higher Learning.”

“Joshua has graduated from the US Air Force Basic Military Training, and is now in training to become a Firefighter. I asked him how his classes were going, and he replied, ‘Easy thanks to Mrs. Hilger’s Anatomy and Physiology class!’ So I wanted to say, THANK YOU for giving Joshua such a good foundation! I know his time in your classroom is helping his time there go so much smoother. I wanted to let you know what he said, and thank you for all that contributed to his life and learning.”

“I want to tell you how wonderful our daughter’s experience was with Mrs. Bacon. Sara tested into Spanish 211, third semester Spanish at Lee University, and feels quite a bit ahead of her classmates. When she completes this course, she’ll earn 9 college credit hours. We are thrilled about that and thankful for how Hilger and Mrs. Bacon prepared her. So, thank you so much for the work and ministry you are doing!”

“It has been such a blessing and answer to prayer for my husband and me to watch our daughter’s whole demeanor change over the past few weeks. Bringing her ‘home’ and into HHL has been the best thing for us! She is thriving. And she is being challenged with her studies. Thank you for allowing her to be involved in your program!”

“Thank you for the great service you provide. Thank you for the care you give to selecting fine teachers. Thank you for creating a tool that has so blessed our family. It is hard to imagine our home school without the resource of Hilger Higher Learning.”

“Our lives have been forever enriched because of Hilger Higher Learning.  Our daughter receives so much joy out of her classes and interactions with those at Hilger. What you and your staff have done has allowed her to grow in so many ways, and for that, we are forever grateful.”

“As a parent I am blown away by all that Hilger has to offer and the difference I have seen in my daughter since being enrolled.  Although she has enjoyed her teachers and classmates immensely she has realized that she greatly misses seeing people everyday. So, she will be attending GPS in the fall, on a nearly full scholarship – which I believe is due in large part to her time at Hilger. Thank you so much for your time and care of her and her fellow students.”

“Your science class gave my children a fun and exciting place to ‘experience’ science, rather than just read about it. I was very happy that I didn’t have to clean up the mess each week!!!”

“Your literature and writing classes gave my girls another ‘audience’ for their written work. They were able to enjoy the benefits of a classroom literature discussion, while still enjoying all the benefits of a home education.”

“The ability to delegate some of the prep work for teaching my older children has provided me with the time I needed to devote to my elementary student.”

“Hilger Higher Learning has been an incredible tool assisting me in the home education of my children.”

“We are so thankful for ALL of you at Hilger Higher Learning. Our daughter has had such a wonderful experience with all of her classes. I know that she would not be doing nearly as well as she is if it were not for all of you and the love that is shown towards learning and towards the children.”

“I really do appreciate the ‘supplement’ HHL has been to my homeschool education over the last six years. My teachers have not only prepared me for life in each of their own individual ways, but they have been precious friends and supporters. My classes have been engaging…each year I enjoy tackling another subject! The HHL community has come to mean a lot to me…especially as I have become more involved in recent years. I am still honored that you trusted me enough to let us start experimenting with a yearbook last October, but watching that come to fruition has certainly been the ‘best’ part of my HHL years. So, to put it simply: Thanks for all you (and your dear family) have done for this homeschooler!”

“Hilger Higher Learning is a great Christian tutorial. The teachers here are great. They’re an inspiration and we’re all thankful to have them here. I love Hilger!”

“Hilger is a great place to learn. The teachers are great and caring, and very good at what they do. The experience here is good and one worth having.”