We love the community of people the Lord has brought together at Hilger Higher Learning and are committed to walking together intentionally. There are a few specifics that we all agree to abide by together during the season that we are a part of the Hilger Higher Learning family. We do not believe that all of these things are necessarily the only way we can honor Jesus in community, but we do believe these are the ways He has called us to live together. If your child/children have been accepted into the program and you are thus a part of Hilger Higher Learning, you have signed statements indicating that you agree to abide by these things while you are a part of our program.

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Hilger Higher Learning Handbook

This handbook/directory has been compiled for the convenience of Hilger Higher Learning families.  We hope it will help you connect and build relationships with others involved in HHL throughout the year.

Out of respect for the HHL community, please do not distribute or use this list for any manner of solicitation, mass emailing, or email lists.  We ask that you not use this list for business or commercial purposes, nor for other academic, ministry, political or non-profit purposes.

Contact Information

Hilger Higher Learning, Inc. 

412 E. and West Road, Lookout Mountain, TN 37350 

423.653.1333 – Eddy Hilger, Head Administrator 

423.987.4276 – Lois Anderson, Front Office (Secretary) and Visitor Coordinator

423.322.7138 – Maddy Haar, Director of Operations and Event Coordinator

Email: hhlearning@epbfi.com 

Website: www.hilgerhigherlearning.com 

Hours of Service: Monday – Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm (closed on Friday)

This handbook/directory serves as a guide to the students and parents of Hilger Higher Learning. I encourage our parents and students to view this handbook as a tool that gives direction on how to be appropriate and positive representatives of HHL, especially in terms of modeling Christ-like behavior. I encourage you not to view this as a rule book that is used to “keep students in line;” rather it is meant to provide general guidelines for them as they thoughtfully consider their role at HHL as image-bearers of God. Students and parents agree to the policies contained herein by signing the application form for acceptance into HHL. 

Furthermore, by receiving this you understand that failure of the student and/or parent/guardian to comply with the standards, payment guidelines, criteria, terms and conditions, set forth on your application form and in this handbook, may result in the student being dismissed from his/her enrollment at Hilger. You also understand that your child is attending classes at Living Word Fellowship at his/her own risk. In receiving this, you will not hold Hilger Higher Learning, Inc., Living Word Fellowship, any teacher or employee affiliated with Hilger Higher Learning, Inc. liable in any way.

-Eddy Hilger, Head Administrator


Higher Higher Learning is led by qualified teachers and an administration committed to supporting your child’s education through a variety of homeschool classes in Chattanooga. It is our goal to reinforce the Biblical values being taught at home while providing a quality education. Although the parent is not the teacher of the courses we offer, the parent maintains authority over their child’s learning and is responsible for holding their child accountable for completed assignments and preparing for tests/quizzes/labs. Our teachers simply serve as support for the parents who have chosen to educate their child through the home.


Hilger Higher Learning aims to support the continuing education of homeschool children in the greater Chattanooga area, through a variety of classes based on a Biblical worldview. Our classes are designed to enhance and help the home-education process, while you and your child still have the freedom and flexibility home education provides; we are merely a support to what you are doing in the home. 

Our Partnership

We believe in the primacy of the parent as educator and the home as the center of education and relationship. We also believe the Lord provides spiritually gifted teachers as a resource to His people. Hilger collaborates with parents to create an educational hybrid which strengthens home-education. Hilger Higher Learning is a distinctly Christian tutorial program providing quality educational classes from a Biblical perspective for children of Christian families. Our classes and extracurricular activities supplement and complement the work of parents in educating their children. We come alongside families in the Chattanooga area, to serve and support them in the wonderful endeavor of homeschooling. 

Facility Stewardship

All students are expected to use our facility as carefully as they would any other public or private building.  Any abuse of the building, equipment, or fixtures will require immediate correction.  Some other points to keep in mind are as follows:

· Please do not drop your child off more than 10 minutes prior to the start of class.  If your child drives, please do not allow him/her to arrive more than 10 minutes before the class starts.

· If your child has more than 10 minutes between classes, he/she must be with you, another adult, in a supervised study hall, or with an HHL teacher. 

· Students may not enter the sanctuary, unless for class, and should not be in a vacant classroom unsupervised. 

· No food or drink (other than in an enclosed water bottle) should be consumed in any classroom, unless it is designated as a lunchroom or there is a teacher-supervised party.

Behavioral Guidelines

All parents and students are required to meet the following behavior, terms and conditions:

· At least one parent or guardian must profess faith in Jesus Christ and be in regular attendance at a local Christian church.  

· The student must conduct himself/herself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.

· The parent must be involved in every subject the student takes from HHL. 

· The student must complete all homework on a consistent basis. 

· The student should not have excessive absences.  Our teachers will let you know if this becomes a problem.

· The student’s grades should reflect his/her ability.

· The student must leave the church premise (parking lot included) after class, unless otherwise supervised by an adult or if he/she has another class within the allowed 10 minute window.

Online Real Time Guidelines

· All ORT students will adhere to the guidelines within the Hilger Higher Learning handbook. This includes the dress code during class! 

· ORT students will be on time to all classes and will be considered tardy if they are not present at the assigned class time. 

· ORT students must have working video and audio capability prior to the start of class.

· ORT students will prepare ahead of time by going to the class website to make sure they have all materials necessary for class that day, including lab supplies and all printed off classwork, quizzes, tests, lab sheets, activity sheets, etc. 

· Video will be required to be turned on so that all ORT students can be seen by the teacher. 

· ORT students will remain muted at all times unless they are speaking to the class or the teacher. And they will be speaking and responding in real time throughout the class, as though they were in person.

· We have a zero tolerance policy for any ZOOM-bombing, tampering with, or adding distractions of any kind to any Online Real Time class at HHL. ORT students will be held to the same standards of behavior and participation as any student attending On Campus classes. 

· ORT students will use the raise hand feature on ZOOM if they have a question, just as any On Campus student will raise their hand to ask a question. 

· ORT students will not be utilizing the chat feature during class. We encourage our ORT students to interact verbally, just as an on campus student would. 

· ORT classes are all offered in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

· ORT classes will utilize the ZOOM platform. 

· ORT classes are not the platform for the parent to communicate with the teacher. Parents will freely communicate through emails, texts, and/or phone conversations with the teachers. 

Matthew 18 Principle

“If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.  If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.” Matthew 18:15-17 

Students and families should love and honor one another by not participating in gossip or slander.  Conflicts and disagreements should be promptly handled with love, honesty, humility, and direct communication.  If an issue comes up in class, please contact your child’s teacher first.  If further communication is needed, or you would like to talk to Eddy Hilger, feel free to call him at 423.653.1333.


Correction is mandated by God through scripture for conduct that is unacceptable according to set standards.  The ultimate goal for students is that they become self-correcting because they are truly committed to doing the will of the Father.  We will work with you, the main and final human authority in your student’s life, should a disciplinary situation arise.  

Dress Code

The following dress code applies to all ORT students and all students attending Hilger sponsored events, activities, or field trips. Follow the three finger rule: Tank tops need to be three fingers wide over the shoulder, and skirts must be no higher than three fingers from the top of the knee. Shorts need to be modest. (Nike wind shorts are appropriate if they are long enough to be modest.) Leggings can be worn, but long shirts/tunics or skirts must be worn over the leggings so the backside is completely covered. No excessively gothic apparel, no short shorts/skirts, no tight or low-cut shirts, no spaghetti strap tanks, no inappropriate advertisement. 


It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to visit the class website for information and homework assignments that were missed due to sickness, family trips, mission trips, inclement weather, etc.  If your child is going to be absent, or you know they will be absent in the upcoming future, please contact your child’s teacher in a timely manner. 

Cell Phones & Ear Buds/Headphones*

While cell phones are allowed at HHL, students are expected to have their phone put away and out of sight when they come to class or study hall. In other words, they need to put their phones away BEFORE they enter the classroom. Students may only use their cell phone during a break between classes. If a student has an emergency and NEEDS to get in touch with a parent during a class, the student should ask for permission and explain the situation, so they can step out and use the phone. Last, if a student has their phone out or is caught using their cell phone during class, the teacher will take it away until the class is over. 

*Earbuds or Headphones are only allowed in a study hall. 

Financial Information & Policies

Invoices are emailed around the 4th of the month. Per your signature and initials, on your student’s application form, you agreed to the following: 

· All invoices are due upon receipt and considered late if HHL has not received your payment by the last day of the month.

· A $20 late fee will be added to each overdue monthly bill.

· If a check is returned for any reason, a $35 charge will be applied to your current monthly bill. 

· There is a $100 charge PER CLASS if your student withdraws from any class AFTER July 15.

· If you withdraw your student AFTER August 1, you will be charged $100 PER CLASS PLUS August’s tuition for the class.

· If you withdraw your student AFTER September 1, you are responsible for the ENTIRE financial obligation of the semester and will be billed accordingly.

· If you withdraw your student from our program and move on to a private or public school (mid-semester/year), all applicable semester tuition must be paid before we release your child’s grades.

· All application fees and payments are non-refundable. On the rare occasion of a class not forming, we will contact you and refund the fees you paid. 

· If your account is not paid in full by the end of each semester, HHL will withhold your student’s grades. 

· If your student is dismissed at any time of the year, all application fees and tuition payments will be forfeited. 

· If your account becomes overdue by two months or more, you will be responsible for all late fees and collections fees if you are delinquent in paying. Also, interest at 1% per month will be charged if your balance becomes over 60 days past due. Further, you agree to pay all legal fees, costs, and expenses associated with collecting your balance and any other efforts Hilger Higher Learning makes to enforce the terms of our application agreement/contract. 

Parking Lot Etiquette

If you are dropping off a student during a congested time of day, please be considerate of vehicles waiting behind you, and keep moving forward as soon as possible.  Frequently, we have a line-up of vehicles waiting to drop off or pick up children.  If you need to come inside to find a student, make a payment, etc., please do not park under the portico.  Please park in an available parking space and then come inside.  Thank you for your consideration of others.

Nut Free Environment

HHL is a NUT FREE environment.  Out of deference to those who suffer severe allergies to various nuts, please refrain from bringing foods containing nut products.   In other words, please make this accommodation to ensure the safety of other students who have severe, and even life-threatening, nut allergies!

Social Media

Concerning Social Media, it is our hope and prayer that our students are engaging with their peers in ways that are in line with what HHL stands for and seeks to uphold.  If we learn of something that has been posted/communicated via social media, we will touch base with the student’s parents to make sure they, too, are aware of their child’s social media interactions.  If a student communicates (verbally or by picture) something that is not in line with the standards and behaviors we encourage and require at HHL, he/she may be subject to dismissal from, and at the sole discretion of, Hilger Higher Learning.


All delayed and cancelled classes will be updated on our website’s homepage (www.hilgerhigherlearning.com).  We try to update this area around 11pm the night before and/or by 6:30am (if an update is necessary) the next morning.  You may opt into receiving text messages via “Remind” text messaging.  We also post our delayed/closed classes on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hhlearning and Twitter at: http://twitter.com/hilgerhigher.  If you are coming from a treacherous area, and we are still holding class, please use caution and decide whether the risk involved is worth coming to class.  Remember, we have Online Real Time to offer! 

Lost and Found Box

There is a “Lost and Found” box in the foyer, where items are put when left in classrooms, the kitchen, the foyer area, etc.  If your son or daughter has lost an item at the church, please check this box during school days.  Hilger Higher Learning is only open during class hours, which is Monday – Thursday.  NOTE: We do not hold classes on Friday, and there is no HHL staff member at the church on Friday.

Front Office Staff

We have front office staff on duty every school day (Monday—Thursday).  Office hours are 8am—4pm.  If you need to get in touch with someone at the church, please call Lois or Maddy Haar at 423.987.4276.  Their responsibilities include assisting anyone who has questions or needs help, greeting visitors, monitoring halls to keep noise level and congestion to a minimum, assisting teachers as needed, and performing office duties.  Lois and Maddy are available to serve you and help keep the dynamics of HHL running efficiently, decently, and in order.  We ask that your child honor and respect them at all times.

Printing Off Assignments at HHL

It is the student’s responsibility to print off their homework if their assignment has been typed and saved as a document.  Teachers will not print off your child’s assignment.  If you do not have a printer, your printer isn’t working, or you’ve run out of ink, your child needs to hand-write their assignment so he/she can bring it to class.  

Grades & Attendance

All teachers will evaluate the student through various methods (including tests, quizzes, homework, labs, projects, papers, attendance, etc.) and give a percentage grade according to the student’s performance and progress in the class. In addition, a personal evaluation of your child’s progress in each class will be included in a semester report card. At the end of each semester, and once your tuition is paid in full, you will be given access to view and print your child’s semester average in the form of a PERCENTAGE grade. It is ultimately up to the parents to report this percentage grade to their umbrella school and follow the umbrella school’s grading scale. If you do not have an umbrella school, it is up to the parent to establish a family grading scale. Hilger Higher Learning does not provide a grading scale. It is your responsibility to report your child’s attendance to your umbrella organization/school or the department of education in your county. 

Integrity Code

Christ has called us to be bearers of the truth and people of integrity and honesty.  In line with what God tells us in His word, we have an Integrity Code to help students become more like Christ in their academic and personal pursuits.  While students are encouraged from time to time to collaborate and help each other, they will ensure that the work they submit is their own and that they will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance or information in any form of school work to another student.  Since all HHL students are homeschooled, they may not be familiar with plagiarism.  Plagiarism is cheating, and is often a difficult concept for some students. Students must give credit on all writing assignments for work that is not exclusively their own — whether that work is specifically quoted or paraphrased.  Finally, students are expected to do all in their power to support the community of trust embodied in the Integrity Code, and we hope they will not condone violations of the Integrity Code by others. 

High Priority – Academic Accountability

If your child is struggling in a class, you need to be in consistent communication with your child’s teacher, and you may need to consider hiring a tutor for extra help.  In seeking to develop a successful academic environment for each of our students, while maintaining academic integrity, any student who receives a 70% (or lower) will be put on High Priority – Academic Accountability.  


If the aforementioned headings, as outlined in this handbook, along with the terms and conditions as stated, are not met and/or if biblical behavior is not kept throughout the year and/or over the summer, we reserve the right to ask the student to discontinue classes at Hilger Higher Learning.  We have a zero tolerance policy concerning certain items, which include but are not necessarily limited to the following: alcohol, drugs, tobacco (this includes vaping and e-cigarettes).  Students should not possess or consume these items.  Under no circumstances can a handgun, pocket knife, or any other form of weapon be brought on campus!  Also, if a student is caught cheating on a test or quiz, he/she may be subject to dismissal from Hilger Higher Learning, at the sole discretion of Hilger Higher Learning.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Hilger Higher Learning Handbook.