Hilger-Affiliated Activities

All HHL-affiliated activities are either free of charge or cost little. We’ve tried to create a host of different opportunities that are excellent in quality, not only for the students who are participating, but also for our families’ involvement. Many of the activities are exceptional avenues for learning, while also being very fun and interactive.

  • Elementary/Middle School Drama Productions – spring Production
  • High School Drama Productions – spring Production
  • Elementary Science Fairs – spring
  • Art Shows – fall and spring
  • Nature Center Field Trip – Elementary students
  • High School Choir – fall and spring Retreat (2 days)
  • Choir Concerts – Christmas and spring
  • Field Trips – based on individual classes

Other Activities & Athletics

While the following are not Hilger Higher Learning affiliated sports and activities, those who lead most of them are parents or friends who have children or have had children involved at Hilger. We are simply trying to get the word out about extracurricular activities available through people we know and trust, and who we think are doing an excellent job.