We are pleased to announce our brand new Online Real Time with Hilger Higher Learning classes!

Real Teachers
Real Students
Real Participation
Real Learning

For Anyone
From Anywhere

Hilger Higher Learning is excited to announce the launch of Online Real Time Classes. This exciting endeavor, utilizing state of the art DTEN smart board technology, will enable us to provide the same high quality, Christ-centered education that you have come to expect…but from ANYWHERE!

If you cannot attend our On Campus classes at Hilger, then you might be the ideal Online Real Time student!

  • Students from out of town
  • Students with medical situations that limit their ability to attend classes
  • Students who travel extensively with their families
  • Students who who train athletically at a high level and need a very flexible schedule
  • Students who do not have reliable transportation
  • Students who have been placed on a waitlist for our On Campus classes

Now you can access our LIVE classes from ANYWHERE!

Online Real Time students will learn, discuss, and engage with our teachers and On Campus students for a lively and robust academic experience. No boring videos, no outdated topics. Every class, every day, and truly LIVE. Our Online Real Time students have the privilege of being in class with their peers, participating in live discussions, and they will have active, ongoing accountability and encouragement from their instructor each week throughout the school year.

Online Real Time students will utilize the ZOOM platform to sign in from ANYWHERE to any existing class being offered at Hilger. 

A typical Online Real Time (ORT) class could look like this:

  • ORT students sign on to ZOOM, from wherever they are in the world, at the scheduled class time using the code and password provided for their class
  • Teacher welcomes everyone and takes roll – the On Campus students and ORT students verbally respond with “here”
  • Teacher begins a class discussion in which ORT students are able to converse synchronously with On Campus students
  • Teacher hands out a quiz/test to On Campus students while ORT students take their quiz/test at home (using the quiz/test that was sent to the ORT students prior to class)
  • ORT students will at times be placed in breakout rooms to have discussions with their ORT peers
  • ORT students will have the opportunity to give presentations to the class, just like an On Campus student.
  • When class is over, everyone says, “Good-bye and see you next class!”

Our heart for our homeschool families during this difficult time is to provide a quality, Christ-centered education that is accessible to ALL! We have an amazing lineup of teachers that we are excited to share with more students around the world! Every one of our courses is a comprehensive course that requires no preparation from the parent, and it provides detailed assignments for all that the student needs to accomplish each week. Along with this, Hilger Higher Learning will send a report card at the end of each semester highlighting the student’s academic progress and character qualities. The parents can come alongside their student and answer any questions they may have, or they can simply have their student contact the teacher with their questions. Parents can have as much input as they desire. Even as we provide everything needed for classes, parents remain the ultimate authority and will assign letter grades and ensure their family is homeschooling legally within their local context. We encourage all of our families, especially the Online Real Time families, to join the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) for added protection and advice throughout your homeschool journey.

Requirements for all Online Real Time (ORT) students:

  • All ORT students will adhere to the guidelines within the Hilger Higher Learning Handbook.
  • ORT students will be on time to all classes and will be considered tardy if they are not present at the assigned class time.
  • ORT students must have working video and audio capability prior to the start of class. They also must have a working printer to print off handouts, weekly homework sheets, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • ORT students will prepare ahead of time by going to the class website to make sure they have all materials necessary for class that day, including all printed off classwork, quizzes, tests, lab supplies, lab sheet, etc. 
  • Video will be required to be turned on so that all ORT students can be seen by the teacher.
  • ORT students will remain muted at all times unless they are speaking to the class or the teacher. And they will be speaking and responding in real time throughout the class, as though they were in person.
  • ORT students will be held to the same standards of behavior and participation as any student attending On Campus classes at Hilger Higher Learning.
  • ORT students will use the raise hand feature on ZOOM if they have a question, just as any On Campus student will raise their hand to ask a question.
  • ORT students will not be utilizing the chat feature during class… as we now realize how EASY it is for an ORT student to interact verbally, just as an on campus student would.
  • ORT classes are all offered in Eastern Time (ET).
  • ORT classes will utilize the ZOOM platform.
  • ORT classes are not the platform for the parent to communicate with the teacher.  Parents will freely communicate through emails, texts, and/or phone conversations with the teachers.
  • The ORT classes will be observation only for the labs in all of our sciences! We will offer virtual labs when feasible.