Course: Biology (with weekly hands-on lab)
Grade Level: 8-11 (advanced 8th graders may apply)
Day/Time: Tuesday 8:00 – 9:50am OR 10:00 – 12:00 OR 12:30 – 2:20pm
Instructor: Carlee Hilger
Cost: $78 per month + $60 application fee
Book: Abeka Biology: God’s Living Creation, (4th edition, 2015), ISBN# 0019777701.  Order through or any other book distributor website.  You can also order from CBD ( or other online used book websites.
Description: Step into the fascinating and exciting world of living things!  Each week students will have the privilege of doing a hands-on lab such as microscopy, pig dissection, bacteriology, pathology, testing heart rate, testing lung capacity, and much more.  Few Biology courses in the Chattanooga area offer such extensive hands-on labs every week!  That’s over 30 college preparatory labs happening in one year!  On top of that, we take an overnight field trip to see the ARK Encounter, which really brings to life our creation study at the end of the first semester.  Research, presentations, projects, debates, discussions, and fun labs make this class a Hilger favorite.  Homeschool parents consistently tell us that it is hard to be successful in setting up labs at home.  Let us do the prep work for you!  Homework will be given each week, while tests are given every 4 weeks and a comprehensive final exam at the end of each semester.  Our students are fully prepared for whatever they move on to next.

Course: Physical Science (with weekly hands-on lab)
Grade Level: 9-11
Day/Time: Thursday 12:30 – 2:20pm OR 2:25 – 4:15pm
Instructor: Julie Bingham
Cost: $78 per month + $60 application fee
Book: TBA
Description: This is a comprehensive, college-prep Physical Science course designed to prepare students for High School Chemistry and Physics.  With this being our first “math based” high school science class, we recommend this course be taken before Chemistry and Physics.  Our Physical Science class is not a junior high level physical science some people normally equate with physical science.  This course is a Pre-Physics and Pre-Chemistry course that will help any student be successful at the next level of science.  We combine active learning with critical thinking exercises, hands-on experiments, review questions, and quantitative problems.  Of note, if your child struggled in Algebra I we highly recommend this class before Chemistry.  Hands-on labs will be incorporated each week to help students learn more practical ways physical science applies to life.  Homework will be given each week with a test every 4-5 weeks.

Course: Chemistry (with hands-on lab)
Grade Level: 10-12
Day/Time: Thursday 7:50 – 9:50am OR 10:00am – 12:00 (Noon)
Instructor: Julie Bingham
Cost: $80 per month + $60 application fee
Book: Modern Chemistry, by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston (2002), ISBN# 0030565375.  Order used on-line or thru
Description: This is a comprehensive, college-prep Chemistry course with a hands-on lab each week.  Hands-on labs, demonstrations and activities will be incorporated each week to help students learn how to implement various chemical concepts and interactions.  The labs will also give students a better understanding as to how chemistry applies to life.  Students are given opportunities to investigate various areas of chemistry and the integral part of everyday life Chemistry plays.  We will explore the periodic table, matter and its changes, the atom, chemical reactions, etc. Homework is given each week with a test every 4-5 weeks.  Of note, due to the demands of this class, we recommend that high school Physical Science be taken prior to this course, especially if your son/daughter struggled with Algebra I.  This advice comes after years of experience and seeing many students do much better in Chemistry after taking our Physical Science class.
Prerequisite: Algebra I and Biology                                                                          

Course: Physics (with hands-on labs)
Grade Level: 11-12
Day/Time: Thursday 1:55 – 3:55pm
Instructor: TBA
Cost: $80 per month + $60 application fee
Book: Glencoe Science – Physics: Principles and Problems, by McGraw-Hill (2007), ISBN # 978-0078807213.  Order used on-line or thru
Description:  We are excited to offer a high-level, very demanding, comprehensive college-prep course with an in-depth study on the nature of physics.  The beauty and strength of our physical world can teach us so much about our Creator.  Students will need to be strong in math and scientific reasoning.  The class will delve into interactions of matter and energy, velocity, accelerations, force, energy, momentum and charge. Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge of the laws of physics to solve physics-related critical thinking problems. The class will analyze the relationships between force, mass, gravity, and the motion of objects.  They will also evaluate the significance of energy in understanding the structure of matter and the universe, along with the forms and transformations of energy. Further, students will study the properties of waves, electrical and magnetic forces.  We will have a 34 week lecture series with some hands-on labs.   We will also be using various videos as supplements to the text.
Prerequisite: Physical Science (preferred, but some exceptions may be granted), Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.
Co-requisite:  Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus (preferred)

Our highly sought after Anatomy and Physiology class is only offered every other year.  Since it was last offered in the 2019-2020 year, we will be offering it in 2021-2022.

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