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Course: Choir and Music Appreciation
Grade Level: 9-12
Day/Time: Tuesday 3:15 – 5:15pm
Instructor: Tina Holcombe
Cost: $67 per month + $55 application fee
Book: All music will be bought by the teacher and provided to students at no additional charge
Description:  The Hilger High School Concert Choir has built a tradition of choral excellence in the Chattanooga Homeschool Community.  This class uses choral singing as the doorway to a well-rounded understanding of music and appreciation of bringing glory to God with the gift of choral music.  The goal of this class is to encourage a love of choral singing, basic music literacy and musical collaboration.  We will explore the concepts of vocal technique, basic theory, ear-training, and stage presence. Rhythm, interval training and note-reading will be addressed each week as we learn to better understand the language of music. No prior musical experience is required. In the fall, students may audition for the East Tennessee Vocal Association’s All-East Honor Choirs and Tennessee All-State Chorus.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have a love for choral music.  In the Spring semester, we take a select group of students to Lee University for Honor Choir.  This is a wonderful chance to work with other High school singers while being on a college campus.  Each March, the East Tennessee Vocal Association sponsors at Choral Festival.  In March of 2020, the HHL Choir got a Superior Rating at this festival and became one of the first homeschool choirs to qualify and participate in the TN American Choral Director’s Association’s State Choral Festival.  The choir has a retreat each semester – the retreats are all day on Friday and most of Saturday.  This is the highlight of the semester for most of our singers.  We rehearse our music, play games, eat together, pray together, have a fun/silly talent show and make memories that last a lifetime. The goal is to make our retreats, performances, and field trips educational, unifying and fun. Some of our high school students have gone on to study music at the collegiate level with some able to exempt certain freshman courses and/or obtain music scholarships.  It is our desire that our high school choir members gain a love for music and its Creator and develop fond memories of experiences with their fellow students while singing great choral literature.  “Several studies have confirmed that music directly enhances learning through increased spatial development. Math and reading are improved by learning rhythms and decoding notes and symbols. So there appears to be cross disciplinary learning in music.”  (Source: The College Board)
Supplies List:  1-2″ (inch) Black 3-ring Binder, Mechanical Pencil, and Water Bottle.

Grade Level: 8-12
Day/Time: Tuesday 8:20 – 9:50am (THIS SECTION IS FULL) OR 1:55 – 3:25pm (THIS SECTION IS FULL) OR Thursday 8:20 – 9:50am (THIS SECTION IS FULL)
Instructor: Emily Ann Simpson
Cost: $67 per month + $60 application fee
Books: The Arts: A Visual Encyclopedia, by Dorling Kindersley Books, ISBN# 978-1465461780.  This book can be purchased used or new at Amazon and other book websites. How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum, by Keri Smith, ISBN# 978-0399534607. You NEED to order this book NEW at Amazon and or another other bookstore/website.
Description: Our God loves art.  From the beginning of time the Lord has displayed Himself and interacted with us through creativity. He’s the author of creativity! Through the study of the history of art we will see how God’s creation reflects His character by creating! We will study art from the Western world as well as important artwork from Asia. Beginning at the tail end of the Renaissance, we will then make our way through movements like Romanticism, Impressionism, Pointillism, and Fauvism. During this process, we will learn about different artists, their styles, and how they can teach us through what they did. We will look at various masterpieces and examples of artwork that defined many cultures, even Japanese art. We will study techniques from various artists and try them in class. We will mess up, try again, and refine our technique. We will also learn to use our creative gifts as a platform to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. We will talk about how we, as artists, can reflect our time in history and be a light shining in the darkness. We will use all sorts of media such as acrylic paint, oil pastels, porcelain, glass, found materials, collage, and spray paint.  A significant amount of time will be devoted to color theory and color mixing. There will be weekly homework that reflects our studies in class as well as a few larger projects each semester. A student-favorite project is expressive self-portraits made with acrylic paint and oil pastels. Students will learn how to dialogue about each other’s work through critique. Finally, students will also learn how to write their own artist statements about larger, more involved projects. A 2-year rotation of books is incorporated, so your teen can take the class two years in a row without repeating information, homework, etc.
High School Book Disclaimer: At Hilger, our desire is to shepherd and guard our students’ hearts well while giving them a great education. In the art room, we specifically want to guard what they are seeing. Throughout art history, there are many paintings and sculptures reflecting God’s beautiful design of the human body. We ask that you prayerfully and mindfully use your discretion to censor your child’s textbook prior to them viewing it.
*This class will not be offered via Online Real Time (ORT).  However, if a student is on vacation, otherwise absent or sick, they will be able to Zoom in for class to keep up with the class and missed work.
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Course: Personal Finance (fall semester)
Grade Level: 9-12
Day/Time: Thursday 8:20 – 9:50am
Instructor: Beth Warren
Cost: $67 per month + $20 application fee
Book: Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Homeschool Student Text, by Dave Ramsey.  Order through the website Dave Ramsey.  Students will only need the 288-page student soft-cover book.
Description: This course is an introduction to personal finance. We will use the Dave Ramsey Personal Finance curriculum as well as Scripture to investigate the Lord’s perspective on how to manage money and possessions. Many people focus on giving when they think about honoring God with their money. But handling money and thinking about money in a godly way is much more than tithing. Our goal is to help students understand what God’s Word says about work, wealth, stewardship, debt, saving, and giving. In turn, the hope is that this information will lead students to wise management of finances as they begin to control their own resources and make decisions about everything from eating lunch out to buying a car or paying for college. We will discuss topics such as: budgets, compound interest, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing and retirement, insurance, taxes, and money and relationships. Class attendance is especially important (virtual is fine) as a portion of each class includes a video from the curriculum. Homework will be assigned each week which will include a variety of writing responses to prompts, scripture memorization, building and creating a resume, interviews, and case studies from the curriculum.  “You will either manage your money, or the lack of it will always manage you.” Dave Ramsey
Supplies List: 3-ring Binder with Dividers and Notebook Paper, Bible, Pen/Pencil and a simple Calculator.

Course: Health & Wellness (spring semester)
Grade Level: 9-12
Day/Time: Thursday 8:20 – 9:50am
Instructor: Beth Warren
Cost: $67 per month + $20 application fee
Book: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, by Dr. Laura Chase, ISBN # 978-1940110349.  The book was published in 2018 by Apologia.  You MUST order this by calling Apologia directly.  They do not offer the textbook alone when ordering online.  They only offer the textbook and workbook set online, and students will not need the workbook.  Call 1-765-608-3280.
Description: We have been fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our Creator. This course covers what high school students need to know to help them make the best choices they can for themselves as they become young adults. Health is about stewardship: managing what you have as well as you can. We will cover the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual aspects of growing into a healthy adult. Students will study the human body systems, senses, genetics, temperaments, and physical influences on thoughts and feelings. The course respectfully covers mental illness and emotional stability, as well as the inestimable value of another human being, our culture, our families, socialization, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of both macronutrients and micronutrients, including the importance of exercise and proper diet. Concepts such as nature versus nurture, personal temperament, good decision-making skills, boundary setting, analyzing food intake and activity levels, creating good hygiene habits, and keeping a sleep record are a few of the topics we will discuss in detail. Homework will be assigned each week which will include chapter readings and a weekly quiz. A couple of insightful projects throughout the semester will also be assigned.
Supplies List: 3-ring Binder with Dividers and Notebook Paper, Spiral Notebook (for Journaling), Bible, Pen/Pencil and a simple Calculator.

Course: Physical Education & Activities (This will be at a Gymnasium just a few minutes from HHL)
Grade Level: 6-12
Day/Time: Wednesdays 12:40 – 2:10pm OR 2:20 – 3:50pm 
Instructor: Chase Cochran
Cost: $57 per month + $40 Application fee
Description: This class is designed to give your child an opportunity to engage in physical activity, strengthen motor skill development, provide an opportunity for positive teamwork, and delight in God’s good gift of play! Emphasis will be placed on development, enjoyment, and appreciation of physical activity, hopefully leading to lifelong fitness and personal well-being.  The class will consist of a warmup period of stretches and cardio followed by games designed to engage the child in fun activities that will encourage coordination, agility, and teamwork.  One of our goals will be to help students learn how to steward the body that God has given them.  Another goal will be to help students develop physical fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy day-to-day physical activities with ease. They will walk away with a basic knowledge of how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle that honors our Lord.  Students will also develop the skills necessary to participate in a wide range of activities and athletics.

Course: High School Writing Intensive (fall semester only)
Grade Level: 9-12
Day/Time: Wednesday 2:20 – 3:20pm*
Instructor: Olivia Oster
Cost: $57 per month + $20 application fee
Book: No book is required.  We will provide all the materials for this class.
Description: Writing well is an essential but uncommon skill that can win scholarships, open occupational doors, and clarify important communications.  Your child’s writing ability will be enhanced through this dedicated time during the school week. Using two guided writing assignments and one independent assignment, this single semester course will improve writing skills through group work, discussions, revisions, in-class exercises, and homework with the end goal of instilling confidence in the college-bound writer. The course will reinforce writing fundamentals, including sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, paragraph structure, self-editing, and proofreading as well as increasing writing abilities through mastering each step of the writing process. We will cover thesis development, the use of citations of secondary sources, effective organization, using mature grammatical structures, and developing strong transitions and unified paragraphs. Peer and teacher feedback will be available while all homework, classwork, and writing assignments will be accessible on the teacher’s website.  Various handouts will be used to create a college writing resource notebook instead of using one published text.

*If your child needs a Study Hall from the end of class until 3:50pm, we will have that available and free of charge.

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