Course: PE – Movement/Yoga Class
Grade Level: 3-6
Day/Time: Monday 12:05 – 1:20pm
Instructor: Natalie Slaton
Cost: $33 per month + $15 application fee
Supplies:  Students will need a low-cost yoga mat for the class.  Wal-Mart and Amazon have them for less than $10.
Description:  God has fearfully and wonderfully created us in His image; our movement and ability to stretch is a gift from Him.  We were created to worship and glorify the Lord, and our bodies are “temples of the Holy Spirit”.  We will take a redemptive look at movement, stretches, and various yoga poses as we focus on the physical benefits it offers.  There will be no influence from eastern religions as students will be encouraged to meditate on scripture, enjoy how God made their bodies, and rest in Him.  Research has shown that movement and breath control can decrease anxiety and have a positive effect on cognitive development, physical health and mental well-being.  Specifically, activity promotes mental clarity by increasing blood flow to the brain and thus improving neurological health.   In our movement/yoga class, students will be invited to enjoy short pieces of literature and poetry as a springboard for inspiring movement. This movement will focus on bodily alignment, concentrated breathing, and postures that promote strength and flexibility.  Ultimately, students will glorify the Lord through meditation on His word, movement, and stretching.

Course: Critical Thinking and Skill Building Games
Grade Level: 3-6
Day/Time: Monday 1:30 – 2:45 OR 2:55 – 4:10pm
Instructor: Eddy Hilger
Cost: $21 per month + $15 application fee
Description: We will use a variety of fun games to help students learn how to critically think, strategize, plan, solve problems, have fun and collaborate with others.  Students will learn how to play Chess, Lost Cities, Backgammon, Settlers of Catan, Hive Pocket, Rummikub, Carcassonne, Forbidden Desert, and various cards games in a fun-filled environment. Our goal is for students to have fun as they learn different games, play, compete and collaborate with one another, while increasing various skills used in learning and life.  The only “homework” assigned will be for students to practice at home with mom, dad, grandparent, sibling and/or friend on the game we incorporate every 3-4 weeks.  While this is listed as a class, it will be treated very differently than our typical academic course and students will not be graded.  Of note, your child must be involved in at least two other HHL classes in order to apply for this class.  Last, this class has a limited number of spots (12) and fills up extremely fast!

Course: Study Hall
Grade Level: 3-6
Day/Time: Monday 12:05 – 1:20pm OR 1:30 – 2:45pm
Supervisor: Trista Plantholt
Cost: $10 per month (no application fee)
Description: This opportunity is available to students who have a class before AND after the study hall, have a sibling taking a class during this time, OR need it for car-pooling purposes.  More specifically, this study hall is for students who have a class that ends at 1:20pm, but need to stay on campus until Elementary Choir or Middle Grades Art starts (2:55pm) OR their sibling’s class finishes.  It is our hope and desire for the student to make the most of this occasion, using the time to study diligently, take a mental break, or read quietly.

Course: Four Week Workshop – Robotics Building & Coding
Grade Level: 3-7 (ages 8-13)
Day/Time: Fridays from 2:00 – 3:30pm
Spring Semester – April 5th thru May 3rd (We will skip Good Friday, April 19)
Instructor:  Sherrie Forrest & RoboThink Certified Instructor
Cost: $110
Description: How do you code a robot? We’ll be building a different robot each week while learning how to control the robot’s motors, sensors, LEDs and more through coding. Kids will use a proprietary version of Scratch which uses a drag and drop interface to put together blocks of code. Coding concepts that we’ll use include: sequencing, loops, wait blocks, IF THEN ELSE, using analog and digital values from sensors. We’ll meet for 4 Fridays and skip Good Friday (4/19/19). All equipment will be provided and no prior experience is required.  Click on the link to register:

Course: Six Week Workshop – Robotics Building & Coding (This workshop has already started)
Grade Level: 3-6
Day/Time: Thursdays from 2:00 – 3:30pm
Spring Semester – Feb. 14th thru March 21st
Instructor:  Sherrie Forrest & RoboThink Certified Instructor
Cost: $150
Description:  This is a 6 week workshop designed for students who are 7-13 years old.  Students will build a variety of robots, learn Code and STEM, all while having fun with classmates!  Students will also be given engineering challenges and activities. An outside company, RoboThink, will be partnering with us for these exciting workshops.  RoboThink focuses on helping students build, code and play with robots.   Go to this link to register your child –