Hilger Higher Learning 2022-2023 Full Calendar


  • 4:15pm – Elementary & Middle School Parent Meeting
  • 7:30pm – High School Parent Meeting

August 22  Classes begin this week!

August TBA  Back-to-School Family Picnic at Coolidge Park

September 5 – Labor Day – No Classes

  • Teachers will provide at home instruction for this week

September TBA  High School Hangout 

September/October TBA  Elementary Science Field Trip

October TBA  Choir Retreat

October TBA  Spirit Week at Hilger!

October TBA  Fall Festival at Camp Jordan

November 10  High School Winter Formal at Black Fox Farms

November TBA  ARK Encounter High School Field Trip

November TBA  Living Word Fellowship / Hilger Work Day

November 21 – 25  Thanksgiving Break – No Classes this week!

December TBA  HHL Choir Christmas Concert

December 12 – 15  Last week of classes – Final Exams!

December 31  Fall Semester Grades and Evaluations emailed to all families

January 9  All 2nd Semester classes begin this week!

January TBA  Roller Skating Event for all grades

February/March TBA  High School Choir Retreat

February 28 New Classes and Schedule (for 2023-2024) will be posted on our website

March TBA  High School Movie Night

March 13  Application for 2022-2023 school year begins

March TBA  Talent Show at Hilger Higher Learning

April 3 – 7  Spring Break!

April TBA  Elementary & Middle School Event

April/May TBA  Art Show – Elementary, Middle and High School

May 12  End of School Event & Senior Luncheon

May TBA  HHL Spring Choir Concert

May 15  Elementary Science Project Day

May 15 – 18  Last week of classes – Elementary, Middle, and High School Exams!

May 31  Spring Semester Grades and Evaluations emailed to all families