Click HERE for a Paper Application

Click HERE for an Online Application

There are 3 ways to apply: 
1) Print off an application form and mail your completed application and fees to the address on the application.

2) Print off an application form, scan and email your completed application to us. Our email is on the application.  If you choose to scan and email your application, please let us know how you will be paying your application fees.  If you do not have a check or access to a money order, please email Eddy Hilger at and he will send you an electronic option for paying your application fees.

3) Fill out our on-line application and either pay your fees with check or money order by sending it to our mailing address.  Or, you can pay via PayPal by clicking on the PayPal link during your on-line application process.

If you want to drop off your application form and fees, we will have a drop box outside of our facility on the front portico Monday – Thursday from 10am – 2pm.  Lois Anderson (423) 987-4276 or Eddy Hilger (423) 653-1333 will be on site and available if you want to talk over the phone.

Once you have read over our philosophyparent partnership, and guidelines and feel like the things said are in cohesive relation with what you are doing in your home, you can fill out a application. This year’s application process began on Monday, March 30 and will end the first week we start classes in August. That being said, we have a few classes that students can jump into mid-semester/year.  Please call Eddy if you are interested in a class mid-semester/year.  Of note, we encourage you to apply in the months of April to June, since classes fill up fairly quickly. Application fees are due with your application.  We are NOT at our facility May 15 – August 12.  Our office, over the summer, is on Lookout Mountain.  Within 2-3 weeks of receiving your application, we will send you an acceptance/denial letter or call you if we have any questions. If you apply after July 31, we will get in touch with within a few days of receiving your application.  The acceptance letter (containing expectations, regulations, textbook information, and a calendar of events) will only be issued once your application form has been processed and accepted.

In order to serve all of our families to the fullest and maximize the possibility that all students receive their choice courses, we give priority course placement to returning students, students taking multiple classes, students with sibling schedules that need to be coordinated, earliest and eldest applicants.  Please understand that we may accept your student into a different section of a course for which you have applied, if necessary, for above-mentioned reasons.